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tv   Today  NBC  May 31, 2013 2:05am-3:01am PDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody, hoda wants to say -- hey. >> hey. >> it's thirst-day thursday, may 30th. we must be exhausted already, hoda. >> we've had a long day and we'll have a long show, because, guess who's here? >> who? >> "the rael hoeal housewives o jersey." >> why is that going to make the show longer than normal? >> because these ladies are here, i was watching part of the
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new episode, theresa and melissa are -- trying to reconcile, but it is bitter. look at all this. oh, come on! >> wow. >> it's so good, pop the popcorn, get ready. it's going to be good. all of them are going to be here and we'll have crowd control security. >> we've already had a little blood spilled already today. we're hoping that our little savannah, who got whacked in the face, we send her our great love. speaking of healing, there was a healing in the heartland relief benefit concert to support the victims of the tornados in oklahoma. >> blake shelton, sang along with miranda lambert. rascal flats, reba mcintyre. >> it was so emotional. >> tornadoes were in the vicinity, rain storms at the time. very real. >> while they were singing, there were images. miranda lambert sang one of the most beautiful songs ever written. >> i love that song. >> it's called "the 40us that built me."
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it makes you want to close your eyes. she was -- she got very very emotional. >> had to let the audience sing for her. >> i love that. >> but reba sang and we have i think a shot of blake singing with -- >> more surprise in show business, usher. >> surrounded by a million people i still feel all alone. he want to go home. oh, i miss you the most. ♪ i've been keeping all the letters that i wrote to you ♪ ♪ now that i think of you ♪ i would share them ♪ but i know that it's just not enough ♪ ♪ you deserve more than that
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>> so beautiful. >> i love the blending of their voices. >> just beautiful. >> i love hearing usher just sing straight like that. >> a gorgeous voice. >> i'm old-fashioned, but i like a melody. don't let it go all over the place, just hold it, i love it. >> that's gorgeous. big news out of the fast food world, brace yourself. >> the perfect end to my week. >> wendy's has something new on the horizon. it's leaked out, the secret. it's called a pretzel bacon cheeseburger. >> picture it. >> i wish we had one. it's going to be made with a soft, pretzel-like roll. >> you cut the soft pretzel in half, you open it up, inside -- >> they've declined to discuss it. >> inside it's the burger. >> alleged burger. >> they're not sharing the details. >> we know what it's going to taste like, it's going to be so, so good. >> will it be allowed in new york? we're not allowed to eat calories like that. >> we do, anyway.
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i want to try the doughnut and the croissant together. >> the cronut. >> it's like a doughnut with layers, like fried but a croissant. but a doughnut. but a croissant. but a doughnut. >> oh! >> i love all that kind of stuff. >> we're in nbc news and that's why we bring you these breaking stories. >> so america's fittest cities are out. and if you're wondering if the entire country where, where's your city fall, here's the number one city, the healthiest city in the united states -- >> for the third year in a row. >> for the third year in a row is minneapolis st. paul. >> healthiest, they base it on a bunch of stuff like smokers and how many parks there are and -- >> here's number five. denver, colorado. san francisco is four. number three is portland, two is washington, d.c. >> there's a million parks in washington, d.c. >> and beautiful parkways. run along the bike paths forever and ever.
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new york was 24th. which i think surprised me, it's such a walk-around city and people seem fit. one thing i noticed when i first moved here is there aren't a lot of escalators. in the subways everyone is walking up and down stairs. penn station is full of stairs. >> it's very hard if you're in a wheelchair and in those places. >> yes, it is, yes. >> all right. well we think we're the only country with troubles? did you hear what happened in canada? >> yes. >> this is epic. >> miss universe scandal. >> miss universe canada. >> so just imagine this -- there are three contestants left. they're calling out the winning contestant. >> there's four, because you -- >> sorry, hoda. >> she's always correcting me. always, it doesn't -- >> no, it's not. >> she's the third runner-up. >> then you do it. >> oh, oh, are you too exhausted for reading the news? at 9:00. >> okay. the reign of denise lasted one day. i feel for her.
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24 hours after she was crowned the winner, organizers had to reveal -- >> she had the crown. >> you didn't build it up. they picked the winner, it's you, you get the roses, the band is playing -- and your mother and father are crying. >> and people are crying and then you found out -- >> the guy that just broke up with you is really upset. >> and then they find out what did they find out, hoda? >> they found out that they added incorrectly. she wasn't the winner. she wasn't even the runner up. she wasn't even the second runner-up. she was the third runner-up. >> there were four people still in it. >> i knew you were going to get back into it. and you were right. >> wow! f >> but the good thing about it is -- >> her attitude was great. >> she was very cool about it she was one of those people -- >> that sees it half-full. she thought it was great moment. she got to feel what it felt like to win. but she didn't. >> briefly. >> you guys are going to like this a lot, especially you. this is my i-hoda. >> aye-yi-yi. >> this one is so good, because
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i was with my nieces and -- every now and then you play a song and the kids love it. this is like sophia and what's her name, the ones from "ellen"? >> rosie and sophia grace. >> i can picture them singing this song. >> this is a song by maclelmore and ryan lewis. called "can't hold us." my 2-year-old niece was singing this. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ aunt hody. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> this is a great dance song. >> oh, my gosh. >> can we go back to blake and usher singing, please? >> we have a great, great, i'm so excited about the woman who is going to join us today. >> everybody who thought she would be in the finals and all of that. >> she might have won "the voice." she, it was a big shock when she was eliminated. >> she was robbed. >> everybody sings -- >> and adam levine got in a little trouble because of that. he said something like he didn't like the way the votg went. i think he was taken out of context. >> she's one of those people that i think everyone thought she was in, so people didn't vote for her. they just assumed she was a walk-in. >> here's the thing. >> what? >> sometimes you can tell these are contestants trying to win something and become a great performer. with her you felt like it was a guest appearance by an
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established artist. >> you're right. >> because she's so polished. even on the road with michael jackson and you know, you got it. come on. >> you are so right. >> time for okay or not okay? >> it is, hoda. >> and apparently, katie has a new man. i hope she does. i hope she's happy. >> he's cute. >> very cute. >> who he is? >> her sexy co-star luke kirby. >> here's our okay or not okay. is it okay for celebs to live with their parents? like jennifer lawrence lives with her parents in a condo. taylor lautner, bradley cooper lives with his mother. >> his mom lives with him. >> there's a difference. >> again with the correcting. >> let's hear what we had to say. >> it's unusual, but certainly okay. especially if it's bradley cooper. >> if it's okay with the kids and it's okay with the parents, it is okay with me. >> did they check with you, hoda? >> no one checks with me.
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>> all right, whatever. >> ridiculous. >> really silly. it only matters because i think it would be weird if bradley cooper lived with his mom. but i think it's sweet that his mom lives with him. >> his mom lives with bradley cooper. >> you're right on that we're following up on a little something. we told you guys that it was heidi klum who was giving her child, her children money to eat their veggies, basically. >> to drink smoothies or something. we asked you guys, what did you think about -- >> did you think it was right to bribe your children to do things like that? it was almost right down the middle, wasn't it? 45% said yes. but there is like a 10% swing in it. and 55% of you said not a good idea. >> i think that's probably -- >> but they probably do it anyway. >> i think you're right. >> we've got a good drink with us. >> it's thirst-day thursday, we're drinking strawberry mojitos, why, do you know? >> because it's thirst-day thursday.
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>> are you ready for bobbi's wedding tomorrow? >> i have soil in crevices and cracks i never knew i had. up to here every night in digging and making it beautiful and -- i cannot wait. >> i hope it's going to be perfect for her. >> it's going to be great weather. it's going to be hot. i've never had a tent in our yard. >> yeah. >> so that's where the people are going to eat and drink and dance? >> tented and i must have had 100 people there yesterday. and just, it was just fun to see it all come together. >> i'm looking forward to it. >> we'll show you on monday. some of the pictures and things, okay? how dirty is hoda's handbag. >> this is gross, you guys. i don't know if you realize how dirty your handbag could be. one of the companies did the study wither they swab the bag and -- >> i don't like the word "swab." >> i don't, either. they found that one in five handbag handles had high levels of harmful bacteria. which makes sense, because here you are -- >> you end up going to the ladies room. >> you have your purse in the
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ladies room and you walk in and put it on the hook so it won't get dirty. you sit, you do your business, before you watch your hands, you take your purse back up and put it on your shoulder. >> hoda thought it through. >> and then, yes. >> and sometimes i do that with my luggage, when i have a wheelie bag. how do i get the wheelie bag over to the sink. you have to hold it and drag it and clean it. >> did you look at my purse? did anyone look in it? >> jimmy hoffa is in your purse, they've looked everywhere for him except for in your purse. you never wash the bowling ball in there. >> you're right. >> the drama, catfights, the new season of "the real housewives of new jersey." we'll put them to the test. and our makeover team ambush two deserving women on the plaza, next.
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>> that's right. all the fun begins this sunday night. loyal fans have been holding their breath, waiting to see what kind of drama will unfold this season. >> will it come to fisticuffs? >> it might, take a look. >> i do regret things that i've done. >> loyalty. respect, love. woo! >> you can't wish and fix everybody's problems away. >> are you kidding me? my parents come to the house and look at you like you're the devil. >> i'm kind of in this mess because of quajacqueline. >> i'll take that, hi. >> i never expected this. >> i'm melissa. >> okay. so far, no blood. >> here we go, theresa, melissa, jacqueline, carolyn and kathy walkly are here, hey, ladies. how are you guys? >> good to see you. >> when we last left you, last season you two, who are sitting nicely together on the end were
2:21 am
having a complete blow-out. you hadn't spoken. things did not look good. are we seeing any thawing between the two of you as the next season approaches? who's going to take it? >> we're in a good place right now. but when you watch the show you'll see how we got there. you'll see our journey. >> it was a long road to get to where we are. when you start to premiere, you see us with how we left off at the reunion. >> tell us what initially caused that. >> the strippergate thing. >> the sprinkle cookies. >> the stripper-gate thing. >> the other thing -- >> it must have been the sprinkle cookies. >> blame it on the sprinkles. >> we should point out you guys did not speak for how long? >> over a year. >> that's an ice-out. who does that? >> especially when you're doing a reality show, that's tough. >> never speaking. and she's married to her brother, so it made it even more difficult. >> reunions and things and family suppers and stuff are
2:22 am
tough. >> two christmases without my brother. and i never happened before, it was sad. >> and now the cousins are speaking more and talking more and everyone is getting better. >> redemption at the end? >> a long road, but we get there. >> jacqueline, you had a big, you had a big reveal, too, that your son was diagnosed with autism. was that something you guys had suspected as you were going through this? or? >> season four was all about during that whole time my son was regressing. and we didn't have a label on it yet. we suspected that that's what it could be. >> how old is he, sweetie? >> he'll be four in june. >> and we got the diagnosis after season four stopped airing and since then, that's been our main focus. >> it's still very, very difficult for you. >> it's hard to live that out in life, much less on reality tv. do you regret it doing it now that you're going through this difficult time? >> you know what, no. because we've been on tv, not only is it bringing so much awareness to autism. it is people have reached out to
2:23 am
us so much to help, our son. and you know just giving us a lot of support and treatment options and tools to use to help him. >> caroline, you're kind of the wise one in the group. you've seen it from the beginning, how has the group evolved, changed over the years as you've been here. >> it's a crazy dynamic because there's so much history between us all. and the feelings are very deep. so it's, it really is a roller coaster that i say to you right now. i can't say that, we'll be sitting here in a year from now in the same good place. because there's so much going on between us. so -- >> not just about the five of you, it's about everybody else in the family. the dynamics. all the family. >> people like to poke fun at our show and i see it differently, i think we are a show that you can really learn from. you take the good and the bad from it. we're a group of women that's in american families. i defy anybody to say that they don't have the issues that we have somewhere in their life.
2:24 am
>> and kathy, quick, you seem like the real calm one and every now and then you totally explode on the show. i'm like who is she? what's going on with this one? >> it's just once in a while it just -- >> things build up and i reach my boiling point, i guess. >> you've just had enough. >> you try to keep it under wraps. but, you know -- >> we look forward to the season beginning. >> thank you, guys. the premieres this sunday night at 8:00, 7:00 central on bravo. >> pop the popcorn. the talented dads are at it again. >> i wouldn't say talented. >> what do you mean? >> it's webtastic and they are hot, right after this. ♪ [ female announcer ] almost nothing can dampen a baby's mood, when he wakes up dry in pampers. unlike other diapers, pampers has 3 absorbent layers,
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it's thirst-day thursday and sara is sitting here with a smile on her face. which must mean one thing. >> time for webtastic. >> this week, a bunch of dads are at it again. showing they have no shame.
2:29 am
>> i like it when the dads get involved. >> i love a singing dad. the video from youtube channel, singing dads. shows dads if all walks of life singing a whole new world, heart-warming. check it out. ♪ a whole new world ♪ to a place i never knew ♪ when i'm way up here ♪ it's crystal clear ♪ now i'm in a whole new world with you ♪ >> so sweet. ♪ a whole new world ♪ a whole new world ♪ that's where we'll be ♪ that's where we'll be >> how cute! frs >> with father's day around the corner. a bunch of dads being cute. my dad would never sing in front of a camera. >> times were different then. >> uh-huh. >> i can't see frank doing it, either. >> thank you, darling.
2:30 am
is your kid a brat? how to get a handle on all of that bad behavior, hoda. >> and they sit in the sun waiting for their moment and they got it the results of our ambush makeover, next.
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2:32 am
we're back with more of "today" on this thirst-day thursday, time for the amazing plaza ambush makeovers. >> two lucky ladies were given head to toe new looks by our crack makeover team. you know who they are. with "today" contributor and stylist to the stars -- ♪ louis liccari, la la la la la ♪ >> and "today" contributing editor, jill martin. >> it was a messy crowd outside. >> it was a hectic day. >> today was the first day that felt like summer. >> a joy to be out there. and many people with signs, it was easy to pick. >> you picked one lucky lady.
2:33 am
her name is mary mcgloghlin, 65 years old from boston, massachusetts. in honor of her birthday she lost 65 pounds and she begged us to help her find a brand-new style. let's listen to her story. >> 65 seems to be your lucky number. >> it sure is this year. >> tell me about the significance and your transformation. >> i'm been working my whole adult life to lose this weight. i needed to find the right program. i found a 12-step program that worked for me and i've been working on it a all year and now i need to know how to dress me. >> i can help with that. rick, i know you're so excited for your wife. >> amazing what she's done in the last year. she's worked so hard on it. >> you're such a good husband. he's crying already, but we're going to make you smile and give you a whole new makeover. >> i can't stop smiling already. >> how adorable is she? >> i love them! oh. there's rick with his blindfold on. >> and their daughter, alana. >> and we love everybody. >> please, guys, keep your
2:34 am
blindfolds on for a second. here is marie before. let's see the new you. >> whoa! >> all right. are you ready? all right, guys, take off your blindfold! >> are you ready to see yourself? >> marie, are you ready? >> oh, my gosh! wow! >> you look hot! >> you are hot, marie. >> look at camera 12, marie. tell us about what you did, lois. >> marie didn't need a makeover. with that smile -- you look beautiful from the minute i saw you. what i did is i gave her the soft auburn color, very natural. >> one of your faves. >> looks like it grows from the head. and vanessa gave her these layers which gave her more volume, more shape. gave her an edgier look. >> you lk fantastic. >> let's talk about rick and alana. >> it's wonderful. she has worked very hard to get
2:35 am
to where she is. >> we're so proud of her. >> i love her even more now. >> jill, that dress is great. >> well these are two weight loss stories today. it was so cool. what size is this? what size is this? it was really that size. a wrap dress is always great when you're losing weight this is by ellen tracy. >> a big round of applause for marie. >> our second lady is henrietta kelly, 57 from louisville, kentucky. she recently lost 60 pounds. so she's thrilled for the opportunity with a brand-new look to go with her brand-new body. let's hear her story. >> so, mom was a little hesitant. but you said -- let's do this. >> definitely. she really deserves it. she's lost a lot of weight and she's really gotten healthy. and this couldn't have come at a better time. >> 60-plus pounds. congratulations. >> so why do you want this so badly? >> well for one thing, i think the improvement will be very good for me.
2:36 am
and i feel better, healthwise and might as well look better on the outside as well. >> look at this body. >> you are going to look so hot when we're done with you. >> looking forward to it, thank you so much. appreciate it. >> what a lovely lady. she's here with her daughter crystal. hi, crystal. >> one last look at henrietta before and let's look at the after. henrietta kelly. >> oh! oh, my gosh! all right. crystal. >> get ready. >> oh, slam! turn around, henrietta. look right in that mirror. >> oh, my goodness! is this me? >> you look hot! >> look how hot you are, you're gorgeous. >> look right here. >> look right here. >> oh, my gosh. >> that's amazing. amazing. >> this is perhaps one of the most glamorous makeovers we've
2:37 am
ever done. >> you look so special. >> you are. >> her hair had no shape. vanessa gave her this great shape and she pulled her hair off her face to show off the great eyes accented with makeup. i took her hair, which just had the white streak, which could work or could not, but i just made it into the soft brown. >> no, gorgeous. >> with washed away years, you look like a movie star. >> you look like -- >> crystal -- >> amazing. >> it's awesome. >> and the body, hello! >> what size is this? she would say, really? >> this is from london times and again, the little cinching at the side, as a wrap dress, you look great. >> you look fabulous. >> let's bring marie out. both of you, way to go! fabulous job, you guys. all right! we're going to tell you how to melt away that belly fat. >> you got to move it to lose it. the hula hoop.
2:38 am
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don't give up on that bikini, ladies, we all have our problem areas. but for a lot of us, getting rid of that stubborn little pudge of fat around the stomach seems impossible. especially if you've been through menopause. >> apparently it's not. but we'll find out. healthy and lifestyle expert dietician has some gadget and goodies to help you feel the burn and tighten the jiggle in the middle. >> nice to see you. >> that area is most people's trouble area. and they say it's hard to spot reduce. >> it is hard to spot reduce. but believe it or not, losing weight in your midsection can be one of the easiest places, if of course you focus on your food and also you focus on exercises that are going to burn a lot of calories and also focus on strengthening the core. so that strengthening the core. >> what should we do, carrie? >> i wonder. >> look here -- >> we've got sara in these kango
2:43 am
jump rebounding shoes. they are so fun. look how awesome she looks, they were originally created to reduce stress on the joints. but actually you're going to burn up two times the amount of calories with 80% less impact. so they're good also for people who that have had injuries. >> can you get injured by them as well? >> actually they're really pretty safe. >> i've never done them until today. the boot is really secure. >> they're really information balance and posture. i was wearing them around the office. even just walking around, you can feel yourself holding your core in. you focus on that. >> are they pricey? >> they're about 250. they last a long time. and can you wear them indoors, outdoors and exercise classes. >> the hula hoop. >> the hula hoop. >> who doesn't like hula hooping. this hula hoop is really cool. >> it's padded. and also it's two and a half pounds. so you have to, you know you really are working a little bit more.
2:44 am
>> that's awesome. i love it it's also good because it -- >> we're going to knock over the kangaroos. >> they're fine, they're fine. >> and can you do this while you're watching tv, talking. >> you can do this. good job. good job. >> and i'll go over it with you. >> i love this. >> so these are jump ropes, these are so super fun. because so jumping rope, you burn so many calories, up to 600 calories in an hour. you can do it while you're watching tv, watching your kids play sports. >> you don't have to move. >> this is easy. >> it also tells you how many jumps you've done and how many calories you've burned. >> i was burning some calories. >> why is there wine here? what do this have to do with your belly fat. >> you can even have wine when
2:45 am
you're trying to lose weight in the mid-section. i figured you ladies would be happy to hear that. but these wine track wine glasses are good for people who may just have a heavy hand. they'll tell you four ounces, six ounces and eight ounces. >> and vase -- >> it is good with the portion control. ed and the snack bowls have a similar concept, they help you with the portion control. it's about what you're eating and also about how much you're eating. >> please tell me these are good for burning middle fat. because i want them right now. >> they are! you need about 30% of your calories to come from fat. i love avocados, they're loaded with the monosaturated fatty acids. >> and grapefruit is good for you? >> one study shows eating half a grapefruit before every meal helps people lose 3.6 pounds over the course of 12 weeks. >> even if there's an magical compound in grapefruits, fruits
2:46 am
and vegetables in general are loaded with water volume and fiber. >> they'll keep you full. so add those fruits and vegetables to your meals. we know that people who eat them lose weight. >> it also might be because your digestive system keeps moving. >> that's true. we have to keep your digestive system moving. capsaicin, found in chili peppers, may help us feel less hungry and studies are still going on showing or looking at the metabolism-boosting effect. >> from toddler tantrums to back-talking teens -- >> are your kids starting to argue? we'll continue after this.
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is your daughter or son a darling at school but a nightmare at home? >> or one of those kids who throws a tantrum in the supermarket? >> i can't stand that. >> what do you do if your kid is a brat and how do you stop yourself from giving in for a quick behavior fix?
2:51 am
>> amy mccready is a today's mom contributor and author of "if i have to tell you one more time" and jennifer heartstein is a child psychologist and author of "princess recovery." hi, ladies. >> yeah, i know it's more than it used to be. a lot of bratty behavior these days. it's much more common today. wouldn't you say? >> it is really happening everywhere and i think the problem is that there's still this tough line between setting a firm limit and feeling like you're being mean and the kids aren't going to like you. >> they're not supposed to. >> exactly. it's okay for your kids not to like you sometimes. you have to be a disciplinarian at times, that's how they learn right from wrong. if you aren't doing that, they're not going to figure it out. >> let's say your child and a lot of kids might miss a nap and you're in the grocery store, he or she is very upset on the ground. what should you do in that situation? not being a brat, obviously but they're pooped. >> a meltdown.
2:52 am
>> every tantrum is not bratty behavior, there's meltdowns which is what you described, exhausted, the nap, melting down. >> or hunger. >> or the manipulative tantrum, i'm not getting my way. >> in that situation, you don't want to give it attention. you want to as calmly as you can, abandon the grocery cart. get the child out to the car, let him have his tantrum. >> they can be kicking and screaming. >> you have to stay calm. the more attention you give to that behavior. it reinforce it is and you're it reinforces it and you're likelike likely to see it again. >> we reinforce the wrong behavior if we give in to the tantrum, we reinforcing the negative behavior. if we take a breathe and deal with our own embarrassment, scoop them out, the second they kind of take that breath and start to change, you want to say, all right, great, we're done. let's move on and you want to reinforce the good stuff. >> do you want to give them ice cream at that point because they're being good? >> no, you don't. but that's what we tend to do.
2:53 am
>> we tend to do that. but as jen said, we want to make sure we're giving them plenty of positive attention at other times when they're not misbehaving. but you don't want to give in with ice cream or whatever. >> what if you're in a setting, they can't be making noise, it's a broadway show and they qgo crazy. diploma is there anything you should do for a quick fix like right here, right now? >> there are times, right? we're at a wedding and there's a meltdown and you just need there to be moment and getting up is going to be more disruptive. >> a sucker in the mouth. >> it's not going to be something that happens all the time. >> and what if your child gets older and they're sassing back all the time. >> get rid of them. >> we have a lot of people who might want to do that. >> one of the big culprits for that is tv. if you look at the shows -- shows that are marketed for kids hanna's age, they are sassy and they 456 at -- they have attitude and they laugh. >> and not a lot of strong parents. there aren't a lot of adults strong role models. you have to model for your children what you expect them to do. we as the adults have to behave the way we want them to behave.
2:54 am
if we're sassy, they're going to be sassy. and if we're sassy with them, they're going to think it's okay. >> in the moment when they do that give them the opportunity for the redo. have some sort of nonverbal sign. rewind. let's try that again. >> thank you, ladies. one of the most shocking eliminations ever on "the voice." >> what's next for this woman who once sang back-up for michael jackson? judith taylor tells us all about it. first, this is "today" on nbc.
2:55 am
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2:57 am
♪ ♪ >> all right. with a performance like that, nobody could believe it when judith hill. a former back-up singer for michael jackson was sent packing
2:58 am
from "the voice." >> it was one of the most shocking eliminations ever. it means she gets to be here with us today and a breathtaking career in the future. don't you think? >> absolutely. by the way, i watched that night and i was so disappointed. what does it feel like to be up on stage when you didn't hear your name called? >> it was like -- "the hunger games" it was scary. it was like you're on the chopping block and everyone is screaming and, it's pretty -- surreal. >> any idea why it happened? it shocked everybody, especially adam, your coach. you had been considered the front-runner from the time you opened that beautiful mouth of yours and started singing it was like well -- give her the trophy. >> what do you think? >> you know, like anything could happen on those shows and i learned that. but i had a blast up there on monday i felt like i gave it my all. >> we know it. >> the band was burning, we were all just going in. >> and your hair was so cool.
2:59 am
>> it was the best hair ever. >> so what, what next? i mean obviously you had a big career before "the voice." now everyone has seen you on the big stage what do you think is next for you? >> well i'm excited because i get to rejoin the cast of "23 for stardom" and promote a film that's coming out in a couple weeks, an amazing documentary film coming out about the unsung heroes and back up singers and artists and then i'm going to get right into my record. i've started it. >> you have a record deal? >> i'm in the talks. but i'm definitely writing the music. >> do you write your own stuff? >> i write my own stuff. >> of course you do, judith. >> she's the best. we love you and -- we wish you the best of luck. >> we're going to hear your name and youroice for years and years. thank you so much. god bless you. you can catch "the voice" million dollars mondays and tuesdays at 8:00 on nbc. tomorrow one of the biggest boy bands in the world, the wanted" stops by.
3:00 am
>> and your summer wardrobe dilemmas will be solved. >> the secret of keeping off >> i had a tv crush on you. >> where have you been, jeff? >> lisa ling learn to goiing toe her career and her marriage. the sneak peek into her green home. the loser has to share something they have never shared before. >> this is it right here sflchlt plus a dumpster diving shopaholic. >> it's better than sex. [applause] >> roll it. >> a little about me. i'm recently married, i work with my wife on this show and i'm learning how to be a dad to two amazing kids in a blended family. i'm hosting the talk show because there's a lot to talk about. >> this is the